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ImSRV - Electronic Immunization Reporting Services

Efficiency - Save Valuable Staff Time and Administrative Costs

Cost Savings - Remove the Need for Manual Immunization Reporting and Reduce Rework

Accuracy - Immunization Reporting Accurate, Timely and Compliant.


Script Management Partners’ (SMP) solution service, ImSRV, provides a turnkey solution for a pharmacy to report electronically, all immunizations administered in the pharmacy to the State/Local Immunization Information Systems (IIS) Registry.

Electronic Registry Data Reporting, including voluntary compliance, is an important initiative to improve public health records which provides better patient care information in your community.




SMP technology service, ImSRV, is designed to support the accuracy and efficiency in immunization reporting and records management that helps pharmacies report complete immunizations electronically. This helps keep patient immunizations compliant and records accurate without manual entry, record-keeping and loss of valuable staff time and operational costs.

No additional software or hardware required
Seamless execution
Registry enrollment and on-boarding support
Immunization Registry

SMP follows the most current HL7 interface specification with each State/Local Immunization Registry.  


SMP will work directly with pharmacy chains or with any SMP pharmacy management systems partner to provide this seamless background service, which requires no additional hardware or software upgrades. 


Once the data exchange connection between the pharmacy data source to SMP is established, SMP will provide ongoing registry support as well as provide daily, ongoing record management service.


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